Nicholas Roerich
Ladakh. 1925-1926
Ladakh. 1937
Ladoga. Sketch
Lahul. 1932
Lahul. 1932
Lake Hympola. Sketch
Lake Ladoga: Islands
Lake of the Nagas
Lake of the Nagas. Kashmir. 1937
Lamayuru Monastery
Landscape with Dragon
Landscape: Tulola - Finland
Language of the Birds
Language of the Forest
Lao Tse. 1924
Lao Tse. 1943
Lapland Castle
The Last Angel. 1912
The Last Angel. 1942
The Legend
Light Conquers Darkness
Lights on the Ganges
Lights on the Ganges
Lord of the Night
The Lotus
Lower than the Depths
Luton Mountain
Paintings by Nicholas Roerich
Paintings by N.Roerich
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