Nicholas Roerich
Madonna Laboris
Madonna Laboris. Sketch
Madonna Oriflamma
Madonna Protectoris
Maitreya the Conqueror. 1925-1926
Maitreya the Conqueror. 1925-1926
Maitreya. 1932
Maitreya. 1932
Maitreya. 1932
Maitreya. 1933
Master of the House
Medieval Rewal
Meeting of the Elders. 1898-1902
Mekheski - Moon People
Message of Shambhala
Message to Tiron
Messenger from Himalayas
The Messenger. 1922
The Messenger. 1946
The Messenger: Tribe Has Risen Against Tribe
Messengers of the Morn
Mikula Selyaninovich
Milarepa's Cave
Milarepa, the One Who Hearkened
The Miracle
Mist in the Mountains
Misty Morning
Mitau. Square
Mohammed on Mt. Hira. 1925
Mohammed on Mt. Hira. 1932
Monastery in Himalayas (Shtranghild Monastery)
Monastery in Mountains. 1931
Monastery in Mountains. 1940
Monastery in Sissu. Lahul
Monastery. Tsang, Tibet
Mongol Tsam
Mongolia (Olun Sume)
Mongolia I
Mongolia Stones
Monhegan. Maine
Moonlight: Sortavala
Mosaic Sketch
Mosaic Sketch
Moscow. View to the Kremlin from Zamoskvorechie
Moses the Leader
Mother of Genghis Khan. 1931
Mother of Genghis Khan. 1933
Mother of the World
Mother of the World
Mother of Tourfan
Mount Shatrovaya (Tent Mountain)
Mount “M”. 1931
Mountain Abode
Mountain Abode
Mountain Lake. Baralacha Pass
Mountain Lake. Study
Mountain Landscape. Alps
Mountain of Five Treasures
Mountains from Soshing
Paintings by Nicholas Roerich
Paintings by N.Roerich
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