Nicholas Roerich
Sacred Gift
Sacred Himalayas. 1934
Sacred Spring
Saint Francis
Saint Genevieve
Saint Mercurius
Saint Nicholas
Saint Nicholas Mozhaisky
Saint Olga
Saint Panteleimon the Healer. 1916
Saint Panteleimon the Healer. 1931
Saint Sergius Radonezhsky. 1932
Saint Sergius Radonezhsky. 1922
Saint Sergius the Builder. 1924
Saint Sergius the Builder. 1940
Saint Sophia the Almighty Wisdom
Saintly Warriors
Saints Boris and Gleb
Santa Fe. New Mexico
Sarakha – the Blessed Arrow
The Saviour and Selected Saints
The Saviour over Door
The Saviour
The Saviour
The Schimnik
Sea Coast Dwellers: Evening
Sea Coast Dwellers: Morning
Secret Place
Serpent of Wisdom
Shadow of the Teacher
Shambale Daik (Message of Shambala). 1931
She Who Carries the Stone
She Who Leads. 1924
She Who Leads. 1944
Shekar Dzong. 1928
Shekar Dzong. 1933
Signs of Christ
Silvery Realm
Slavs on the Dnepre
Smolensk. Convent's Front Steps
Smolensk. Tower
Smolensk. Tower
Smolensk. Tower
Smolensk. View to the Walls of the Kremlin
Snowy Ascent
Snowy Guardians
Solitary Traveler
Solovki. Monastery
Song of Shambhala
Song of the Morning
Song of the Viking
Song of the Waterfall. 1920
Song of the Waterfall. 1937
Source of the Indus
St. Sergius Chapel. 1931
St. Sergius Chapel. 1933
St. Sergius Chapel. 1936
Star of the Hero. 1933
Star of the Morning
Star of the Mother of the World
Steed of Good Fortune
Stone Age. The North. Deers
Stone Age. The North. Hunting for Walrus
Stones and Rocks
Stones and Rocks
Stones and Rocks
Stones and Rocks
Straight Path
Stronghold of Bonpo
Stronghold of the Spirit
Stronghold of Tibet
Stronghold of Tibet
Stupas at the Mountain Foot
Suburhans of Tashiding
Suget Pass
Suzdal. Walls of the Monastery
Svyatogor. Elder of the Knights
Sword of Gesar
Sword of the Valor
Paintings by Nicholas Roerich
Paintings by N.Roerich
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